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Are you looking for the best office table for your company? The best choice might be Danbach office table supplier. Our company has variety of office table for every use in your office. From office room table to office furniture computer table, from square office table to wooden furniture office table, from folding office table on wheels to office desks and tables. These commercial tables are versatile, of the highest quality and can outfit nearly any space. Whatever, our company will provide the right table for you.

As an office table supplier, our company has accumulated rich experience in design, research and production of office table products. Danbach office furniture company manufacturing and exporting different types of office table for many years. Our company has established with many countries, such as Korea, Australia, Indonesia and so on. Our factory located near Nankang district, Ganzhou city, Jiangsu province of China. We enjoy quite convenient railway, highway and air transportation. Furthermore, we provide a full range of executive and support customized service.

Office Table and Chairs for Sale in Danbach
Office Table Cabinet with Premium Quality in China

Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF

Size: 3600X1050X760mm Or Customized

Model Number: 8136#

Color: Picture or Customized

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Features of Our Modern Office Table

1.Our company adopts the premium wood finishes and commercial grade laminates. Besides, we product solid bases and molding integrate with the finest grades of veneer.

2.Danbach furniture focus on humans healthy. We pay more attention to the ergonomic principle and the use of environmental material.

3.The price of our product is moderate and cheap. Our company can pass on tremendous savings to our customers by selling direct to the public.

4.You can choose a variety of office furniture from Danbach office furniture company. Most items are in stock and ready for quick delivery.

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The L Shape Office Table for Sale – Danbach Office Table Supplier

An L shaped office table consists of two desk, which connected together at a 90-degree angle. If you want to have more office areas, the L shaped office table of Danbach office furniture company might be the best choice for your commercial company. Generally, The L shaped office table consists of three drawers. You can use the big one for placing files, the other two drawers could store any goods. Our office table with drawers can supply you ample space to unfold your document, you don’t need to put your your office equipment and supplies within a small area.

Besides, our L-shaped office desk is suitable for any styles of your office. Whatever your office is commercial, high end, executive or any other types company, our office table with drawers always make an elegant addition to any office space. Especially the wooden furniture office table, which is as functional as it is attractive.

Executive Desk with Drawers in Danbach Office Furniture Company
L Shape Office Table -Danabch Office Furniture Company

Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF

Size: 3600X1180X760mm Or Customized

Model Number: 8538#

Color: Picture or Customized

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Premium Quality Modern Office Table and Chairs

Danbach office table supplier has been famous for providing premium quality office table throughout the world. Nowadays, an increasing number of modern companies have started to recognize the importance of ergonomics to employees comfort and health. If you use ergonomic office table in your office, no matter how long time you spend at the computer, you will feel comfortable and do work with less strain on your body. The modern office table and chairs provide a greater number of comfort than traditional office table and chairs. Because repetitive motions will cause medical conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Besides, our knees, shoulders and backs would be very fatigued all day. On the contrary, the designing of ergonomic office table and chairs incorporate technology that reduce the body strain. When you sitting down or standing in front of office table for a long time, the modern office table and chair provide comfort. What’s more, it will improve your efficiency and make you accomplish more throughout your workday.

Our company not only provide a variety of office table, but also manufacturer abundant of office chairs. Such as executive office chairs, office conference chairs, wood office chairs and so on. Commercial tables and desks are also available with matching chairs right here on our website! All of office furniture is carefully chosen by our company. We can apply a huge range of high quality office furniture for you, such as conference office furniture, commercial office furniture, wood office furniture, executive office furniture and so on.

Danabch Office Table Supplier
Double Pedestal Executive Desk and Chairs of Danbach Office Furniture Supplier

Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF

Size:  2000X1000X760mm Or Customized

Model Number: 2066#

Color: Picture or Customized

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Advantages of Office Work Table with Storage

Our office table with storage gives your commercial office a cutting edge look, meanwhile, it provides all of the amenities that you need for your workspace. Our modern office table with storage choose to use the melamine laminated, which surface finish protects this product from stains, scratches, and burns, and provides ample surface space for you to work on. What’s more, there are three huge drawers, which provide ample space to store your files. In addition to some of its many amenities include two portable drawers with additional storage, protective locks, plenty of surface space, and an accommodating keyboard tray. Danbach office table with storage is also resistant to stains, scratches and burns. Meanwhile, it enhancing the overall appearance of your office.

Executive Desk Sets Furniture in China
Danbach Executive Desk with Drawers at Low Price

Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF

Size: 2000X1000X760mm Or Customized

Model Number: 2066#

Color: Picture or Customized

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Why do You Choose Our Company

Danbach office furniture company has a deep sense of green community and ethical values all moving around protecting the environment. We have a professional designing team and knowledgeable consultants. They can guide you through a variety of office table and chairs. In addition, our team can explain all the optional features and accessories available on these products, to help you to choose the ideal options for your unique requirements.

In order to provide you the best contemporary furniture, we reach an agreement with our leading-edge manufacturers that offer extensive lines of quality products. At the same time, we can offer you a wide range of solutions, styles and price ranges about the high end modern office furniture. Our job is to help you create professional environments with high end office furniture based on your style, budget and time schedule. Welcome to contact us and leave your E-mail. I will give you best price and premium service.

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