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Danbach is one of the largest office table manufacturers in China. We usually use office table furniture in the office. It is suitable for us to study or work. People always put their computers, notebooks, pens and daily supplies on the office table. From the differences of the occasion, we can use the office table in the open office, in the library, in the conference room, in the reading room, in the training classroom, in the laboratory room and so on.

Danbach Office Furniture – One of the Largest Office Table Manufacturers in China

With the development of furniture industry, Danbach furniture company has been become the best office table manufacturer in central China. It has rich manufacturer and export experience more than 22 years. The factory is located in Nankang district, Ganzhou city, Jiangxi province of China. We have advanced technology, mature producing process, intimate after-sale service and perfect managing system. Our company has the best price in the world. We are looking for office furniture agents at home and abroad.

Danbach is manufacturing and exporting office table desk, office computer table, home office computer table, office table and chairs, executive office table, home office table, wooden furniture office table, long office table, square office table, white office table,modern office table and so on.

Natural Wood Office Furniture Danbach Furniture Manufacturers
The Most Excellent Wooden Office Furniture for Sale with Cheap Price

Product Name: Commercial Executive Desk
Type: Office Furniture
General Use: Commercial Furniture
Material: Wooden, Wood veneer + MDF
Size: Custom Size

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The Advantages of Our Office Room Table

1. Our office table is not only easy to disassemble, sculpt, install and transport, but also can disassemble for many times.

2. Danbach use the medium fiber board with wood veneer. This material has good dimensional stability, the surface is glossy smooth, the physical properties are excellent.

3. Our company use the BDS-paint, it has awarded the “non-toxic (green) interior decoration materials certificate” issued by China building decoration materials association.

4. We choose the green eco-friendly materials and high-quality hardware accessories.

5. Our products are all for independent research and development production, Under the same quality, we have the lowest price in all of the direct manufacturers.

Modern Executive Desks Office Furniture
Executive Work Desk Online -Danbach Office Furniture Company

Product Name: Quality Executive Desk
Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF
Size: 2400X1050X760mm Or Customized
Model Number: 2410#
Color: Picture or Customized

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Where to Buy the Best Office Table with Drawers Price

The length of office table with drawers are usually between 0.8 and 0.9 meters. It is simple in design and does not take up plenty of resources. This design is usually with a sliding drawer and a side cabinet for the storage of the chassis. It is used for putting the keyboard and host. The main features are easy to move and assemble. What’s more, it is lightweight. It is suitable for using in the office, at home or in the dormitory. Danbach company is a professional modern office furniture manufacturer. The office table with drawers in our company are are sold overseas and won great praise among customers.

High End Executive Office Desk
Danbach Office Furniture Manufacturers – High Quality Wood Office Executive Desk

Product Name: Modern Executive Desk For Commercial Office
Type: Office Furniture
General Use: Commercial Furniture
Material: Wooden, Wood veneer + MDF
Size: 3600X1180X760mm
Color: Red Brown

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How to Choose the Modern Executive Office Table

The executive office table is a large desk in the office furniture, it is widely used in senior management offices of companies and other organizations. Because of the large size, it also takes up a lot of space. Furthermore, the characteristic of the executive office table is high-end. The cost is expensive, it reflects the leader’s social status and life quality.

Our company adopts the high-quality plates, it has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and pollution resistance. Inner-layer use the medium fiber board with wood veneer. It has good mechanical performance, cutting, drill hole, tenoning, milling flute, sanding, the processing performance is similar to wood. If you want to buy the executive office table, you’d better obey the practical principle, the economical use principle and the least-cost combination principle.

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Features of Office Furniture Computer Table

With the development of society, the office computer table has been changing quickly accompanying with rapid technology development. Office computer tables are diverse in variety and design. As we know, computer is specially electrical product, it is different from TV or sound equipment, we always use the computer at close range. Thus, There are specific requirements for the height of the computer and the position of the keyboard. Danbach office furniture computer table would make you comfortable in the operation, the computer desk will improve the efficiency of your work.

Our company can offer you a variety of office computer tables. For example, the home office computer tables lay emphasis on the practicability. Firstly, it always combine with the bookcase and other furniture, it is convenient and practical. Secondly, it has great decorative effect. The design of the computer table always matches the style of home decoration. There are variety of colors and types.

Danbach High Quality Office Computer Desk
Modern Office Computer – Danbach Office Furniture Manufacturers

Specific Use: Computer Desk
General Use: Commercial Furniture
Material: Melamine+MDF
Folded: No
Size: 1400X700X760(mm) Customized
Model Number: SH-1410#

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Parts of Office Desks and Tables

The office desks and tables are made up of table-board, side of the foot, backboard and other accessories. One of the office tables are executive office table, it is composed of several parts: table-board, side of the foot, backboard, countertop, deputy ark and movable cabinet. Each of our products is subject to strict quality inspection. And all of our products obtained the international certification. We are responsible for our whole products.

Office Table and Chairs for Sale in Danbach
Contemporary Executive Office Desks -Danbach Office Furniture

Product Name: Modern Executive Desk for Sale
Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF
Size: 1800X900X760mm Or Customized
Color: Picture or Customized

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Characteristics of White Office Table Desk

Professional psychology experts believe that colors can influence our moods. There are several colors in the office furniture: black, gray, white, brown, blue and so on. Generally, the gray usually used in the employees’ office table; the brown often used in the conference room or executive office table; the white is really bright color, sunlight through the window one room is worm, comfortable tonal, give you warm and comfortable environment. Besides, the white color is popular with young people, modelling design is concise and lively, concise line and color collocation, show a claim to the simple life. What’s more, the white office table gives us a sense of natural. It is benefit for workers to release pressure.

High Quality of Office Table
Affordable Conference Tables – Danbach Furniture Manufacturers

Product Name: Long Narrow Conference Table
Item No: 195#
Dimension: 2400x1200x1200mm or Customized
Material: Melamine

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Types of New Model Office Table

Danbach furniture is manufacturing square office table, narrow office table, oval office table, long office table, corner office table, l shape office table and high top office table. We usually use the long office table in our office. It is suitable for office conference room. It can apply quantities of informational documents. While, the oval office table always as reception and negotiation. The moral of corner office table is flexible and open. Because it looks very fashion, this style is favored during the modern young people. Meanwhile, the curved shape has ergonomic characteristics, it makes body relax and reduce the amplitude of the limbs.

Modern Office Table with Low Price
Danbach Office Table Manufacturers – Customized Office Table

Specific Use: Office Desk
General Use: Commercial Furniture
Material: Melamine+MDF
Folded: No
Size: 1200X600X760(mm) Customized

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The Square Office Table for Sale

The square office table is convenient in private office, there are different ways of the four sides, people can handle official business at one side , at the other side, they can have meals or drink, the variety of usages can satisfy the needs of your requirements. What’s more, our company can customize the square office table according to the customs’ requirements. The moral of square shape is integrity and resolute, it can increase the people’s positive energy and improve their confidence.

Danbach Large Conference Table
Long Narrow Conference Table – Danbach Office Furniture 6 Person Conference Table

Product Name: Long Conference Table
Item No:196#
Dimension: 2400x1200x1200mm or Customized
Material: Melamine

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Office Table Material with Low Price

Danbach furniture company is professional office table manufacturer and supplier, price of office table of us is competitive in the global market. In addition to, the different material and various sizes of wooden furniture office table has different price.

Firstly of all, our company adopts the excellent wood material to make the modern executive office table, it is not only place a lot of goods, but also show the high quality. Therefor, when the staff negotiate with clients, it plays an important in the meeting. The wooden furniture office table has good environmental protection effect.

Secondly, duo to it is made of natural material, the characteristic of the wooden furniture office table is good wear resistance. After storing some goods, it has an effect on wear-resisting. The surface is very smooth, the natural material has protective effect after polishing. Then, it won’t scratch surface when we using the office table, even if it is a hard object, the surface also forms the effect of wear resistance.

Cherry Executive Office Desk for Sale
Contemporary Executive Desks Office Furniture at Low Price

Product Name: Executive Desk Furniture
Material: Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF
Size: 2400X1050X760mm Or Customized
Model Number: 2431#
Color: Picture or Customized

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Purchase Danbach Office Table and Chairs Online

Danbach company was known as the largest office table and chairs manufacturer in central China. Because our company has advanced technology and equipment, excellent management system and professional team, this superiority makes our products selling well and enjoying high reputation at home and abroad.

Therefore, our company not only product the office table, but also export the office chairs. The modern office chairs can be categorized by the composition of materials: executive leather computer chair, wooden executive office chairs, executive mesh chair, cloth executive office chairs and so on. Thus, our company can supply a various of shapes and colors for the customs, at the same time, we can accept customize the modern conference chairs according to the requirements of customs. What’s more, we offer you one-stand service and you can buy classic products at rock-bottom prices. General assessments of our products are available at hand, so you rely on us for your purchase.

High Quality of Office Table
Danbach Furniture Manufacturers – Contemporary Conference Table

Item No:S-5124#
Dimension: 2400X1200X760mm
Material: Wood,MDF,Veneer

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Products of Folding Office Table on Wheels

The variety of our products are very rich. We provide a range of folding office table on wheels and support customized service. The rolling office table is a kind of convenient folding table in order to save the office space. The main reason why folding tables are so popular among the young people is that they can be folded directly to take away.

The office table with wheels can change the location of the meeting at anytime and anywhere. It is important of the office table is not take up too much space, but it has multiple uses in modern society. The main feature of folding office table is flexible, it can be used in the different office environment. It is easy to unfold when we using it. Our company provide full range of rolling office table and support customized. You can choose the suitable size according to your actual situation.

Folding Office Table -Danbach Office Table Manufacturers
New Onlimited Design Options Office Folding Table Set

Product Name: Folding Office Table
Material: Melamine+MDF, Melamine+MDF
Size: 1200X400X760(mm) Or Customized
Model Number: Z-12#
Color: Picture or Customized

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Modern Office Table for Different Uses

There are many kinds of office table. The most widely used two types of office table is the corporate office table and the home office table desk. Because of the differences of their characteristics, they are used in the different occasions and different times. Firstly, the different of using times. The workers always spend a lot of time on the corporate office table, it is three times as long as they spent times on the home office table. Secondly, the different of designing. The home office table has a variety of colors. People can customize different colors depend on their own hobbies. Last but not least, the different of intensity. The corporate of office table is used frequently in company, so it is more stable than the home office table. Meanwhile, the simple office is not only can be used in the home office table desk, but also can use in the modern company.

Office Table Manufacturers - Luxury Executive Desks of Danbach Office Furniture
Danbach Office Furniture Commercial Executive Desk for Sale

Material:Wooden, Melamine, Paper Veneer, Wood Veneer and MDF
Size: 2000X1000X760mm Or Customized
Model Number:S-805#
Color: Picture or Customized

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Danbach furniture company has perfect after-sale system to ensure you have an excellent use experience. When the company started, we want to develop it a environment-friendly corporation, because we understand once the environment is destroyed, it is difficult and even can`t repaired in the future. We decide to manufacture green products to protect our common home. Besides, we dedicate to create the best products in the world. While you purchase our products, we would spare no effort to solve your any question. We will provide the best after-sale service to resolve your all kinds of problems. Furthermore, we have not forgotten to create values for the buyer while we are developing. We strive to increase production efficiency to reduce the cost of buyers. What can we do for you?

1. Professional technical team and responsible sales team are waiting for you.

2. Comprehensive and considerate consulting services.

3. 24 hours online to resolve all your problems.

4. The whole process of goods manufacturing tracking.

5. We provide customized service and offer the most suitable price for you.

Do you still have doubts on where to buy office table? If you do, please contact us as soon as possible, we will answer you timely!

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